Dera Baba Murad

  Jai Baba Shere Shah ji | Jai Baba Murad Shah ji | Jai Baba Laadi Shah ji


The city Nakodar, also called the Land of Peers and Fakirs (saints and sages). Nakodar literally meaning - ‘no other door like this one’ - the place where the All-Knowing Enlightened souls (Brahmgyanis) took birth and adorned this earth. The incident took place before Independence. A sage, Baba Shere Shah ji, came to Punjab from Pakistan, who chose the land of Nakodar, as his abode. He liked to live only in the forests and other secluded places. Baba Ji generally dissuaded people from coming to him so that his worship could go on unhampered; sometimes, he used to even throw small stones so that people, taking him to be a madman and did not come near to him. He spent most of his time in the worship of God and he kept reading the holy book Heer, by Waris Shah.

There lived in the city a family of zaildaars, who was always eager to serve the pirs and fakirs. Once, a fakir came to their home, who they served wholeheartedly. The fakir, pleased with their service and said to them: “Ask whatsoever you desire.” They said “God has given us everything; all we desire is God’s Name”. The fakir said: “Not one, but two will take birth in your family, who shall chant the Name of God!”. Soon, a child was born into their family and was named Vidyasagar - whom today we know by the name of Baba Murad Shah ji. From amongst the three brothers, Baba Ji was the youngest. Baba Ji was very proficient in his studies and even during those times, went in for higher studies. After having completed his education he took up a job. Baba Ji worked as SDO in the Electricity Board, at Delhi.

At that place where Baba Ji worked, a Muslim girl also worked with him. Baba Murad Shah ji had spiritual love for her. One day, when her marriage was fixed, she told Baba Ji that if he wished to marry her, he had to first become a Muslim. On hearing this, Baba Ji decided to return home; he quit his job and in a way, his attachment with everything in this world ended. He bought the book ‘Heer’, by Waris Shah, and while reading the book, he started to walk towards his hometown, Nakodar. He passed by several religious shrines, where he paid homage. He kept on walking and finally reached Nakodar. As he approached his home, he was blessed by the divine vision of Baba Shere Shah ji. Shere Shah ji hailed to him saying: “Oh Vidyasagar, where are you going?” Baba Ji felt ‘this is some divine person’ and he went near him. Shere Shah ji again asked him: “Do you wish to be a Muslim?” Baba Ji answered: “Yes, I will become.” Shere Shah ji further said: “Ok go then, and meet everyone in your house once and come back, and unite the severed string of love, with God. Then there will be need neither for being Muslim nor Hindu”. Baba Murad Shah ji went home. After meeting everyone he came back to live with Shere Shah ji and began to serve him. He had to pass several tests that Baba Shere Shah ji put him through; but he passed them all and became very dear to Baba Shere Shah ji. People, however, started to gossip by saying that ‘the son of Zaildaars has quit his job and is now following an old fakir.’ On hearing this, Baba Ji’s elder brother often dragged him back home and at times, even raised his hand to hit Baba Ji. Several times Baba Ji said to him “Lala, do not raise your hand.” But, the elder brother did not listen to his plea. In the end, Baba Ji said “Okay Lala, you will not understand this way; I will now see your raised hand again, when your own son in front of your eyes, shall become a fakir!” Having spoken these potent words, Baba Ji went back to Shere Shah ji.

Time went by and one day, some years after Independence, the son and daughter-in-law of Shere Shah ji came to take him back. Shere Shah ji said to them: “Before taking me back, ask Vidyasagar.” Baba Ji said “He is your father; how can I refuse? Whatsoever you think, that will be right.” Then Baba Ji said to Shere Shah ji “I will remember and miss you very much.” Shere Shah ji answered by saying: “Whenever you shall remember me, I will come over and meet you”. As Shere Shah ji was leaving, he called Baba Ji near him and said: “The world will remember you after me; your name shall remain alive as long as this world lives; you are the rightful heir of my lineage. After this day, the world will remember you by the name of Murad Shah and whosoever shall come to your door – shall attain his heart’s desire!”


“ਝੋਲੀ ਭਰ ਦੇਊਂ ਮੁਰਾਦਾਂ ਨਾਲ ਤੇਰੀ, ਤੂੰ ਸੱਚੇ ਦਿਲੋਂ ਦੇਖ ਮੰਗ ਕੇ”