Baba Murad Shah Ji

Baba Murad

Dera Baba Murad Shah Ji

Dera Baba Murad Shah ji is Located in Nakodar (District Jalandhar). The city is almost 24 km from Jalandhar and about 114 from Amritsar.  This place have a great specialty.
“Kehnde ne ishq de mareyan nu ithe aake navin rah lab jandi hai”

  • This place represents true & deep love. Any wish made from true heart is always approved from here. This place represents these great saints, who also known as “Almast Fakeer".

  1. Baba Shere Shah Ji
  2. Baba Murad Shah Ji
  3. Sai Laadi Shah Ji

Heaven in Nakodar

"When I visited this place first time, the meaning of life is changed. This Place is so peaceful that Life was just stopped for few minutes, from that day i realized the meaning of Heaven”

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